The SOL Board of Directors


Julia Jonson

Julia first began practicing meditation and yoga in 1991 and has been teaching since 2007.  Julia specializes in the therapeutic and spiritual application of yoga for emotional tension, stress and low back pain.  She is the co-owner of Total Body Yoga in Mundelein.  Julia is also an author of many articles on holistic living and a children's book, Just Me & The Trees, a children's guide to meditation.

Thomas Tiernan
Executive Director

Thomas is a father, husband, brother, teacher and most importantly a lifelong student. Certified by The Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago to teach meditation, his hope is to pass some of the tools he's learned to the members of our local community.  Thomas truly believes yoga and meditation can assist in healing many of the issues created by our modern society.


Nicole Tiernan
Creative Director

Nicole is a new mother of a beautiful free spirited baby boy, an  IT project manager, certified yoga teacher, and flower child. She adores the world around her and find beauty in the simple things. Nicole loves to feel the earth through her hands in the garden, in the kitchen, on her yoga mat and all those times she is one with nature. Earth's energy has so much to teach us and Nicole hopes to help spread the love of Mother Nature and all her offerings.



Stephanie Rehor
Board Member

Stephanie loves to explore the richness of yoga and shares this message with a lightness and playful energy. She was brought to Seeds of Love because of her desire to make yoga more accessible and provide yoga services to people in need. Stephanie is trained to be a meditation and yoga teacher. The main focal point of her teaching is presence and connection.



Sandie Contreras
Board Member

Sandie is passionate about yoga and has truly embraced the sense of balance that it brings to her life.  Her passion is what has driven her commitment to spreading the love of yoga to others through Seeds of Love.  She hopes to help others gain the sense of balance that she enjoys through her practice. Sandie's desire is to help support others on their journey in a compassionate and caring manner that makes all feel welcome.